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On May 31, I was extremely pleased to play a return gig at the popular Alexandria watering hole, St. Elmo’s Coffee Pub.  With me were Jim Gormley on percussion and Matthew Leonard on bass.  We had a great time playing our mix of pop, country, R&B, and blues – featuring cool original tunes as well as fun covers.  The set included songs recorded by Keith Urban, Tina Turner, The Eagles, LaBelle, Garth Brooks, and Demi Lovato.


A few days ago I had to take a very long drive by myself.  After a few hours on the road, I invariable turn to the radio.  The fact that I don’t know what to expect in the song lineup keeps me more aware and focused while the miles pass by.  And it gives me the added benefit of hearing music I might not otherwise hear.  Ya know?

Anyway, one of the stations I landed on announced a new give-away promotion they’d be doing for tickets to see Maroon 5 & Kelly Clarkson in concert.  Holy crap!  I just about jumped out of my seat.  But I was driving at about 70 mph, so I didn’t.  Maroon 5 and Kelly Clarkson?!  Who thought that one up?  Cause whoever did came up with a GREAT idea.

In my opinion Kelly Clarkson is probably one of the best voices in the music industry today.  And she’s building a public repertoire that is broader than just light radio pop.  We all know she can do more because of all the crazy things they made her sing on American Idol.  Right?  And for their part, Maroon 5 is currently flexing it’s muscles in the pop arena with two solid hits from their last album, “Overexposed,” following closely on the big success of the “Moves Like Jagger” re-release with Christina Aguilera.  When you listen to their CDs, you note that they also have a wider reach musically than just enjoyable radio rock and pop.  Much of their stuff is clearly jazz influenced – which I like.

The dates for the Honda Civic Tour begin on August 1 in St. Louis and end in early October.  Openers at various locales include Rozzi Crane, Tony Lucca, & PJ Morton.   I think this is going to be one awesome pairing for audiences.  And, no, I’m not going to apologize for being excited about this.  My own music may be more Americana, but I have no qualms about applauding good music and good live performance in any genre.

BTW, general tickets for the tour go on sale tomorrow – April 6!

This is going to be one awesome night of music!

Join Justin Trawick, Joe Peck, Jim Shirey, David Farah, Wes Tucker, Jason Masi, Nita Chawla, Jason Ager, and Joe Rathbone for a rousing evening of outstanding tunes.   Just $10 at the door.  Be there!

Founded in 2008 by singer/songwriter Justin Trawick, “The 9 Songwriter Series”is a touring live music event based in Washington, DC.  Each installment features nine solo singer/songwriters performing in rotation and often sitting in with each other -providing audiences with a rich, intimate, varied listening experience.

Here it is – the poster for my upcoming gig at St. Elmo’s Coffee Pub in the Delray neighborhood of Alexandria, VA.  This establishment is well-known and well-liked around the area because of it’s good food, good drinks and GOOD MUSIC.  I’ll be doing a mixed set of great popular tunes with some of my own original tunes woven in.  It’ll definitely be a fun evening, and there’s no cover!  With me will be Jim Gormley on percussion and Matthew Leonard on bass.  See you there!!

Hey! I hope everyone had a great New Year’s celebration and that the coming year will bring much happiness and prosperity. This post is to share a quick couple of things:

1. I have an upcoming show on January 12 at 8 p.m. at St. Elmo’s Coffee Pub in the Del Ray neighborhood of Alexandria, VA. Please join “Joe Peck & Friends” on a winter Saturday evening at one of the most popular live music venues in the DC area. I’ll be sharing a mix of original and cover tunes joined by Jim Gormley on percussion and Matthew Leonard on bass. St. Elmo’s is located at 2300 Mt. Vernon Ave. There is no cover charge.

2. My Fair Lady at Arena Stage will be coming to a close on 1/6. If you haven’t seen it yet, you have till Sunday evening to get out and see this marvelous production. It really is a great piece of American Musical Theater, and Molly Smith’s deft direction brings a new vibrancy and honesty to all the characters.

Happy New Year!

Branamir Lokner of Time Machine Music out of Belgrade, Serbia has given my debut album a review.  Below is the English text (translated by TMM).  You can read the original HERE.

Joe Peck is a singer / songwriter and performer from Washington DC. area, active some period on national scene circulation. He debuted with the full-length album, from this 2012 years, entitled “In The City Lights”. He has introduced with 9 equalizing authors tracks. done in a americana, alt. country mood, with clear pop pastiche, and soul and rock includings as well. Joe posses a fine vocal technique, and all of his tunes characterize a brilliant vocalization too. He is also a singer with emotional approach, and most of the present materials has something taken from the past era, and 70′s period as well. I can not compare him with any of well-known or better known artists, and his authors and performing views are original. Maybe his album didn’ t cover a so call hittish materials or one more or less “attractive” song, but generally, all of present themes posses a radio friendly usings. “In The City Lights” deserve a repeatable listenings, especially if you are a fan of mentioned genre’s variants.

Rating was a 7.5 out of 10.  Not too bad for my first album, I think!

Anyone who has visited this blog in the past year has heard (seen) me talk about my debut CD – Joe Peck: In The City Lights.

Well, it has taken several months longer than I anticipated.  But I think the wait was well worth it.  The CD is ready and available and – dare I say it – in release.  You can buy it using this link at CDBaby as an mp3 album.  Awesome!!

It’ll be available in disc form shortly – as soon as the mail gets them to Oregon.  Of course, you can always buy a disc at one of my shows.  And if you don’t dig CD Baby, the album will be up at myriad other retailers (iTunes, Amazon, etc.) soon. 

Here’s a little info about the CD –

Genres:  Americana Rock/Country Pop
In Brief:  This debut album is a meaty musical stew of rock, country, blues, folk and pop spiced liberally with outstanding vocals, unforgettable hooks, and alternately fun and deeply poignant lyrics.

While you’re busy finding the perfect gifts for your friends and family as part of the holiday celebrations, don’t forget to be good to yourself, too.  Take a sec or two, grab the beverage of your choice, sit down, and relax to a good tune.

And I’ve got just the tune for you to enjoy – free.  My song “In The City Lights (single)” is available via my website — — gratis.  This is a limited time offer and will end with the release of the imminent CD (titled Joe Peck: In The City Lights) which will be out in the New Year. 

If you’re wondering what kind of music we’re talking about here, I’d describe it as Americana-Rock-Pop.  Is it any good?  Well, my singles are being aired on radio stations in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, England, France, Germany, Ireland, Iceland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Scotland, Sweden and Switzerland.  Oh!  And on a station or two in the U.S.A., as well. 

“In The City Lights (single)” has even been nominated by listeners at Glasgow’s Radio Six for “Record Of The Year.”  If you’re a die-hard sample-before-you-buy consumer (although the song is free), you can listen to it at

Percussionist Gabin Assouramou, bassist Hess Muse and I had a great time playing at F & 8th Sts, NW as part of the music program for the Downtown Holiday Market in DC.  We spent 2 hours sharing a set of my original tunes along with some carefully selected covers.  We really got some great response, made some new friends, and generally had a good time making music together.  The market is a fun place to grab a gift or two and , of course, hear some nice live music.  Thanks to the DHM staff for making our experience such a good one – especially our sound tech Brad and Donna Fletcher.

Even as we wind up work on my debut CD — yes, I’m STILL working on that (lol) — I’ve happily continued to be inspired to write new songs.  Of late, there have been a couple of pretty darned good ones, if I do say so myself.  And it isn’t just my own self-deluded, narcissitic brain that thinks so.  I’ve had the opportunity to introduce the new tunes in performance situations, and they both have received thumbs up from listeners.

The first is called “Back To You” and is just a really nice love song.  It’s a pretty uplifting little ditty which makes it a lot of fun to play.  The second is almost like a sad Irish folk tune.  Titled “Faded Glory,” you might be able to imagine what the song is about without even hearing the lyrics.  While neither of these songs will make it onto the album, I will be playing them in my live sets around town.  Come on out and have a listen when you can.