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On May 31, I was extremely pleased to play a return gig at the popular Alexandria watering hole, St. Elmo’s Coffee Pub.  With me were Jim Gormley on percussion and Matthew Leonard on bass.  We had a great time playing our mix of pop, country, R&B, and blues – featuring cool original tunes as well as fun covers.  The set included songs recorded by Keith Urban, Tina Turner, The Eagles, LaBelle, Garth Brooks, and Demi Lovato.


Here it is – the poster for my upcoming gig at St. Elmo’s Coffee Pub in the Delray neighborhood of Alexandria, VA.  This establishment is well-known and well-liked around the area because of it’s good food, good drinks and GOOD MUSIC.  I’ll be doing a mixed set of great popular tunes with some of my own original tunes woven in.  It’ll definitely be a fun evening, and there’s no cover!  With me will be Jim Gormley on percussion and Matthew Leonard on bass.  See you there!!

Anyone who has visited this blog in the past year has heard (seen) me talk about my debut CD – Joe Peck: In The City Lights.

Well, it has taken several months longer than I anticipated.  But I think the wait was well worth it.  The CD is ready and available and – dare I say it – in release.  You can buy it using this link at CDBaby as an mp3 album.  Awesome!!

It’ll be available in disc form shortly – as soon as the mail gets them to Oregon.  Of course, you can always buy a disc at one of my shows.  And if you don’t dig CD Baby, the album will be up at myriad other retailers (iTunes, Amazon, etc.) soon. 

Here’s a little info about the CD –

Genres:  Americana Rock/Country Pop
In Brief:  This debut album is a meaty musical stew of rock, country, blues, folk and pop spiced liberally with outstanding vocals, unforgettable hooks, and alternately fun and deeply poignant lyrics.

Last night I had the chance to share a short set of songs from my debut CD – Joe Peck: In The City Lights – with the folks at the Friday evening unplugged open mic at Modern Times Coffeehouse located in the Politics & Prose Bookstore in NW DC.

Joined by Hess Muse on the bass, I played 3 songs from the album, including “Arielle’s Song,” “In The City Lights,” and “Change Me” as well as a very new tune, “Faded Glory” that’ll have to go on the next CD.  As always, the crowd at  Modern Times was very receptive and encouraging.  Hess and I had a good time, and it seemed everyone else did, too!

If you have never been to Modern Times on a Friday night, you’re missing one of the area’s outstanding creative communities.  The event begins at 8 p.m. and is hosted by Maureen Nelson who does an amazing job of keeping  things running smoothly while encouraging an open, creative atmosphere.

Last night we had plenty of music – both original songs and covers of popular tunes – from many different genres.  We heard 2 selections by Star FK Radium – a popular instrumental group with violin, guitar and drum.  And we enjoyed a jazzy original tune played by Matt & Bruce on guitar and violin, respectively, which was followed by an instrumental selection by Bruce & Matt on violin and tamboura!  We also heard wonderful poetry – some of it original also (one based on the story of Caligula and another about a young girl’s best friend).  There was even a Japanese short poem or “tanka” read in Japanese and it’s English translation.

If you didn’t make it out last night, you missed out!  But maybe you can make it soon to enjoy the coffee, tea, food, company, cameraderie and creativity.

Yes, that’s right – Electric Maid.  The Electric Maid Community Exchange in Takoma Park to be exact.

I got the chance to perform with host Frank Cassell (Banjo Man), comedian Philippe Shearer, and singer/songwriter Jim Shirey this past Thursday evening.  I recommend the venue because it’s a great little spot, they bring in some good entertainment, and they’re doing good things. 

Percussionist Gabin Assouramou, bassist Hess Muse and I had a great time playing at F & 8th Sts, NW as part of the music program for the Downtown Holiday Market in DC.  We spent 2 hours sharing a set of my original tunes along with some carefully selected covers.  We really got some great response, made some new friends, and generally had a good time making music together.  The market is a fun place to grab a gift or two and , of course, hear some nice live music.  Thanks to the DHM staff for making our experience such a good one – especially our sound tech Brad and Donna Fletcher.

Joined by excellent percussionist Gabin Assouramou and bassist Hess Muse, I’ll be sharing a set of my original tunes along with some carefully selected covers (including, of course, a few holiday classics) at the DC Downtown Holiday Market on Friday 12/16/11 from 2:30 – 4:30 p.m.    Come out, do some Xmas shopping, and enjoy the music.  The market is located at 8th & F Sts, NW on the south side of the National Portrait Gallery and just half a block away from the Verizon Center and Gallery Place metro station.  There are also plenty of places to grab lunch before swinging by or to stop for a nice warm beverage after.  It’s a very festive experience.  Make the market and the music part of your holiday plans.

I’ll be joining Margot MacDonald, Renee McCullough, Karter Jaymes, and Mike Corrado at the Hard Rock Cafe DC tonight at 8 p.m. for a BMI Songwriters Showcase benefiting Musicians On Call.  Come out, listen to some great original tunes, and party with us!  Hard Rock is conveniently located a couple of blocks from the metro at the corner of 10th & E Sts, NW in DC. 

No cover.  But they will be passing the hat to help get live music to the servicemen & women receiving care at Walter Reed Hospital.  If you can, please give generously.

Even as we wind up work on my debut CD — yes, I’m STILL working on that (lol) — I’ve happily continued to be inspired to write new songs.  Of late, there have been a couple of pretty darned good ones, if I do say so myself.  And it isn’t just my own self-deluded, narcissitic brain that thinks so.  I’ve had the opportunity to introduce the new tunes in performance situations, and they both have received thumbs up from listeners.

The first is called “Back To You” and is just a really nice love song.  It’s a pretty uplifting little ditty which makes it a lot of fun to play.  The second is almost like a sad Irish folk tune.  Titled “Faded Glory,” you might be able to imagine what the song is about without even hearing the lyrics.  While neither of these songs will make it onto the album, I will be playing them in my live sets around town.  Come on out and have a listen when you can.

This past Saturday I had the opportunity to perform for a local cable entertainment show.  The show’s producer, Rick Dash, does a number of entertainment-related productions for the Arlington independent access channel under the Rick Dash Presents brand.

The production we taped was the inaugural episode of an entertainment-focused show highlighting local talent.  The host is DJ Nose -” the best and most versatile DJ in the area” – who does a great job serving up the guests he has lined up to share with area audiences.

Although my drum and bass players were unable to join me, I played and sang to backup tracks culled from the work on the CD.  The songs I performed were “In The City Lights” and “World Of My Own.”  As soon as I have some video or know when the show is airing, I will let everybody know. 

It was great fun.  The folks were awesome – Rick Dash, DJ Nose, the other very talented guest Shanelle (I hope I’m spelling that right!) and the entire crew at Arlington Independent Media.  Can’t wait to see the show!!!

And … I almost forgot.  Huge shout-out and thanks to Heather Curcio Saladino who made the early Saturday morning taping on one of the hottest days of the year.  You rock, Heather!!