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I am a singer, actor, entertainer in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.  Here you’ll find posts on developments, happenings, thoughts, etc. that occur as I encounter them.  Yes, that means posts about theatre and acting – esp. in the local area.  I’m not a critic, so it’ll all be my own personal viewpoint or experiences. I’ll post blog entries on music I perform, that I’m interested in, that I like.  And, finally, don’t be surprised at a miscellaneous posting here and there.

Until recently, there have also been plenty of posts about wines I’ve come across.  I really enjoy wines.  And since I’m on a performer’s limited budget, you’ll find my posts on the subject tend toward inexpensive offerings.  But those posts have proven popular enough that I have given them their own home at Oenophilogical.  Check it out.

Thanks for dropping in here at Blogarhythms!


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  1. Hello,
    How are you?
    Nice to meet man which also belongs to same profession i do, i am also theater actor as well from Chandigarh(punjab) Indian.. i
    want exchange our ideas and thoughts about acting..
    Rockstar_mafia skype

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