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Went to see Wendy Lane Bailey tonight at Blues
Alley and had a great time.  Wendy was joined by amazing music director, composer, pianist and all-around awesome person Michele Brourman.  And if that wasn’t enough, the fantastic and marvelously talented Laurel Masse’ – founding member of the Grammy-winning vocal group, Manhattan Transfer – was guest vocalist.

All together it was an extremely entertaining evening.  Wendy did a good job of presenting a nifty mix of well-chosen songs from various genres – pop, country, musical theatre, etc. – including several original tunes composed by Michele Brourman herself.  Among the highlights of this show for me were a) a trio piece with all three ladies singing (titled Monotonous?); b) a really fun tune sung by Wendy and written by Michele titled More Is More (or is that Less Is Less?); c) how marvelously well Wendy was able to  keep the audience right with her even when surprise curveballs were thrown her way (for instance, an exit sign above stage right that fell apart twice during the performance). 

All three women are great performers in their own right.  So to see them together was a real treat.  And for you Manhattan Transfer fans, you should definitely try to get out and see Laurel Masse’ in a more intimate setting like Blues Alley when and if you can.   Not that you shouldn’t see her or any of these woman anytime/anywhere you can. 
Really good stuff!


One Comment

  1. Hi Joe:

    Thanks for coming to the show, and the nice write up. We had a lovely time in DC and can’t wait to come back!

    Wendy Lane

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